Protibadi: Voice Against Gender Inequality and Violence

Gender inequality and vioence are sensative and complicated global problem, and hence, United Nations has announce Gender Equality as one of their Sustainable Development Goals (SGD). One of the principal obstacle toward Gender Equality is the lack women's voice. Due to many social, cultural, religious, economic, and political reasons, women often keep silent, and that exacerbate the inequality and violence. Furthermore, their silence has created a vacuum in "data" that feeds design and development programs.

For the last 5 years, we have been studying different marginalized women groups in Bangladesh, and trying to address this problem of lack of voice through by building different computational platofrms. We built mobile applications for harassment victims to ask for help, we developed websites for reporting harassments, and designed social media platforms to promote dialogues around gender inequality and vilence. Furthermore, we studied the mode and quality of women's participation in Bangladeshi university, technical workshops, and software firms. We are also organizing workshops for women to learn building technologies by their own.

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